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Project Title | Individual Projects - Internationalization
Project Code CENTRO-02-0752-FEDER-025032 CENTRO-04-3560-FSE-025032

Main Objective | Enhance Small and Medium Business Competitiveness
Region of intervention | center
Beneficiary | Carlos A. S. Godinho - Cement Artifacts, Lda.

Approval Date | 17-05-2017
Start Date | 01-11-2016
End Date | 10-31-2018
Total eligible cost | € 216,520.37
European Union financial support | € 97,887.11

Put the organization as an international reference;
Expand business relations with international clients;
Diversify the international markets of operation, increasing its international turnover;
Improve the handling of customer feedback;
Increase international awareness of the organization;
Brand creation and registration for the luxury segment;
Increased human resources structure in the international area.

Knowledge of foreign markets through participation in fairs and exhibitions;
Website redesign and creation of e-commerce platform;
International development and promotion of branding, creation and registration;
Prospecting and presence in international markets;
New method of organization in business practices or external relations;
Invest in a training plan.
Expected results:
Value of Exports in Turnover: 61.29%;

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